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Thos. Moser &
IIDA New England Chapter


Panel Discussion with Award-Winning

Thos. Moser Designer, Adam Rogers
March 27 @ 5:30- 7:30 pm

Thos. Moser Boston Showroom

19 Arlington St. Boston, MA 02116

The Thos. Moser Aesthetic: Thos. Moser designs are not cutting-edge statements of current fashion, but rather a synthesis of what has been given us by craftsmen and designers of the past. They are timeless and, unlike style or fashion, have relevance across cultures and centuries. A thread runs through Thos. Moser furniture that ties the discipline of classic Japanese joinery to the sentimentality of the Arts and Crafts movement of a century ago. It also ties the untutored aesthetics of the American Shaker period of the 1830s and ‘40s to the sophisticated and urbane German Bauhaus of the 1920s. In their time, these design movements were revolutionary, but they had in common a distaste for ornament and ostentatious display. They were respectful of materials and celebrated the work of the human hand. It is through simplicity of form and attention to detail and proportion that we achieve a well-designed piece. A piece from which nothing can be taken and to which nothing can be added.