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Smile On Me Sunshine was selected as the official 2021 Boston Design Week "Spring Forward!" image.


Moving Along 

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Anna Thurber is an artist, documenting the flora of New England by freezing botanicals. By suspending botanical material in water and freezing it she captures outrageous explosions of color and explores the magical interplay between nature and the science of thermal dynamics. The resulting images, installations, and custom freezes are unique and capricious. They’re one of a kind — like the moments themselves. She  specializes in creating unique ice compositions and photographing the results. Creating unique, and often custom décor for residential and commercial settings.   


Her work lives between sculpture, performance and photography.  She grows most of the flowers that she freezes.  Her primary focus is her own work, but given the time to create, she can create custom artwork using flowers from special events, weddings, anniversaries and more, to create lasting memories in a framed piece of art especially for you.


The creative art of frozen botanicals is a complex process that involves the composition of materials  submerged in water  followed by… watchful freezing. The freeze building process often occurs in layers. The layers require different attention to timing, color and temperature. During the process, Anna employs a number of techniques and tools that impact and enhance the appearance of her finished piece’s. These might include torches, chisels, mallets, drills, siphons – even a chainsaw. Typically a build can take anywhere from two days to two weeks to compose.


Her compelling website allows you to “Find Your Artwork” by selecting up to three colors, choosing the flowers you prefer and selecting an atmosphere such as “electric energy”.  Once those parameters are entered, the algorithm shows you works from Anna’s inventory that respond to your choices.  Try it at

Summer Synopsis

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