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American Fine Art and American Art Collector:
How to Incorporate Fine Art in Your Home
 October 7 @ 6:00pm - 8:00pm on Zoom
RSVP via Zoom by Clicking Here

Join American Art Collector and American Fine Art magazines live on Zoom as one of our editors moderates a panel discussion with industry experts on how to incorporate fine art in your home. Topics may range from why buy fine art, how to curate your collection all the way through to the best design tips for hanging your artwork. Attendees are encouraged to submit questions prior to and via the chat feature to be answered during the panel.

Since 1998, International Artist Publishing has been a leader in print and digital resources for fine art collectors, artists and galleries. Today the company publishes five titles, including American Art Collector and American Fine Art Magazine, and runs The American Art Collective podcast. The company focuses on creating the full art-buying experience for collectors by previewing new works available at galleries nationwide. We also showcase artists and dealers through a variety of features, allowing collectors to see what’s new in specific art genres and learn about the current state of the market.


Our collector home features have been a highlight of the magazines for years. The articles are filled with large, beautiful photographs of the homes, showing how artwork can be incorporated into a lived-in space. Along with imagery, Santa Fe Editor John O’Hern writes thoughtful prose that provides insights into collecting journeys. He dives into the why and how a collection was curated, discusses select works of art and lets the collectors offer advice to others.


Hainsworth View.jpeg
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