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Boston Architectural College:
Play + Health in Design: Lucid Thinking to Facilitate Wellbeing
May 6 @ 12:00 Noon

Online Recording Available Here

J. Davis Harte, PhD, Director of the Design for Human Health MDS program at The Boston Architectural College will lead a playful lecture that will describe current understanding of play to facilitate optimal health and wellbeing and design’s part in this. BAC student work will tip off ideas about play-deficit, and better display successes and opportunities for deliberate and thoughtful design inspirations.

J Davis Harte, PhD,  has three decades of curiosity around design and health. Her BS in Education and Child in Society grounds her wellness design work, which focuses on children’s places, trauma-informed design spaces and childbirth design. She padded her curiosity with an MS in Design and a PhD in Health | Design. She remains a playful beginner. 

Davis Harte - Image II Photo for Boston