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Art for Us and Our Place:

Building Community in the Neighborhood

At The Anchor, Charlestown Navy Yard, 

1 Shipyard Park, Charlestown 02129

April 29, from 11:00AM to 1:30PM




BostonAPP/Lab has continued to provide, through its work and its workshops, a "brainstorming hub" for civic engagement and new collaborations bringing the arts to Greater Boston's public places. We invite you to this open-mic workshop to imagine how art in your public places – different kinds of art, different places – can contribute, activate, and strengthen the sense of community within a neighborhood – transforming your neighborhood! 


Michael Alfano will discuss the artist’s role in energizing this transformation and will lead a post-workshop tour of his Navy Yard installation “Of Many Minds.” 


Urban designer Ben Carlson will share principles on identifying key people and places to involve in conceiving this transformation. 


And – critically important! –  we’ll ask for your ideas on planning and executing this transformation!


Someone once said that “collaboration is not about gluing together existing ideas; it’s about the ideas that never existed until after everyone has entered the room.”


We eagerly look forward to uncovering those ideas – and ways to activate them. 

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