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Curator Paints

Designing a New Era: Lead the Post-COVID Future  


May 4 from 5:30PM to 7:30PM

LOCATION: Childs Gallery, 168 Newbury Street Boston, MA 02116




Historic pandemics of the 20th and 21st centuries have shaped our behavior, our attitudes, and the way we live and work. Their impact has extended to our interior spaces, causing changes in design that extend well past the immediate effects of the pandemic. This course looks at the great influenza pandemic of 1918‒1920 and COVID-19 and reviews their effects on society and design. Looking to a post-COVID-19 future, the course suggests specific design themes to contemplate and what the future of color and design might be. 


Curator is a bespoke collection of luxury paints, carefully designed by the family behind Ireland’s premium paint brand.  With a beautiful palette of colours, 70 years of paint craftsmanship, meticulous sourcing of the finest materials and lowest VOC, Curator’s colours are brought to life with finishes that are truly unique, luxurious, and crafted for life. 


Inspired by the creative works of 29 Irish artists and designers, Curator’s 144-colour collection is a blend of ultra-premium quality paint with stunning colours infused with native Irish art and design. Curator comes in five stunning finishes.  


The Curator team traveled across Ireland sourcing and collaborating with the 29 Irish designers and artisans – from potters and milliners, to jewelers and fashion designers – to produce a carefully curated original palette of colours that each told a tale of living, working and creating in Ireland.  


Curator believes a home should have colours that reflect a soul, and a story of something unique to them. That is why each of the colours are unique and personal to Ireland and its expressive design community.  


To learn lots more about this exciting brand and where to buy it, visit 

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US Brand Ambassador, Kali Splies

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