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Kaitlin McCarthy

May 3 - 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Elevating Real Estate:

The Intersection of Selling, Staging, and Sustainability

Presented by cycleStyling and Angelina Spiropoulos

at Circe Furniture, Seaport. 100 Northern Ave #102, Boston, MA 02210 


Explore the intricate dance between selling, staging, and sustainability in real estate development. Join us for a dynamic panel discussion event, where Gat Caperton, Gat Creek CEO & founder of the Sustainable Furnishings Council and, Kaitlin McCarthy, founder and CEO of woman business enterprise, Ionic Development Company are hosted by Angelina Spiropoulos, a seasoned real estate professional in the Greater Boston & NYC markets, and Stephanie Rivera Ortiz, the creative force behind cycleStyling, a Latina woman-owned styling business.

We'll dive deep into a tapestry of topics, from the omnipresent influence of social media to the transformative power of staging and professional photography. Discovering the latest style aesthetics, rethink sustainable materials procurement and unearth ingenious methods for sourcing furnishings & decor.

In today's market, sustainability stands as a beacon for discerning buyers, who seek not just style and function but also eco-conscious spaces.Our panel discussion promises invaluable insights into crafting environments that not only sell but also embody the essence of sustainable living

Whether you're a seasoned developer fostering sustainability, an ambitious real estate professional or a curious design enthusiast, this event provides an invaluable chance to engage in fruitful discussions and pave the way for a more sustainable, stylish and successful future in real estate. Come join us and expand your understanding of design's craftsmanship, sustainability's allure, and the journey to real estate success. 

Gat Caperton

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