Maryline Damour

Marcy Garcia

Decolonizing Design

October 1 - Noon - 1:00pm               



Presented by Andrew Joseph PR, NY

​The mass protests against racial injustice across the world this summer left many asking questions about the ways implicit and explicit racial biases still influence the structures which shape our lives. Our careers are not exempt from this examination of conscience and practice. In this panel, four women of color reflect on the ways racial structures influence the interior design industry.


Maryline Damour, a Haitian-American interior designer, co-principal of Damour Drake, and founder of the Kingston Design Connection, joins in conversation with Marcy Garcia, a Colombian-born, Miami-based interior designer, Ana Claudia Schultz, a Brazil native and Upstate New York designer, and Vani Sayeed, an Indian-American designer and industry leader based in Boston. Drawing on their combined and diverse experiences of race in America, these thought leaders evaluate the effects of racism on design and design business, offer insight into ways that we can decolonize the structures that have long excluded BIPOC voices, and give example of ways to elevate historically marginalized voices.

Ana Claudia Schultz

Vani Sayeed

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