Harry Bertschmann. Untitled, from the Photomontage Nudes Series (No.5049), 1962, 98.75 x 65.5 inches, acrylic on canvas, signed lower right

Peter Hastings Falk and Robert Berry Gallery

Discovering Artists: How Insiders Assess Quality
Moderated by Peter Hastings Falk 

April 30 @ 12 Noon


RSVP: Peter@DiscoveriesInAmericanArt.com

The Curatorial Board of Discoveries in American Art define “quality” in fine art, how to properly assess it, and how it relates to the value proposition.  Five board members will describe their most compelling discoveries and why they realized that their artist’s works were truly innovative and significant. Peter Hastings Falk, Editor and Chief Curator, will speak about Harry Bertschmann, a prolific genius who never pursued galleries because he led a double life; and, the shock behind the recent discovery of Joachim Probst. Robert Berry will speak about David Kastner, who never played the big gallery scene even though he’s always been a step ahead of the curve. Gregory de la Haba will speak about Judy Rifka finally getting recognized for her contribution to American art.  Anthony Haden-Guest will speak about Linus Coraggio, the outsider who was a founder of the Rivington Group of graffiti artists in New York. Art history professor Robert C. Morgan will give an artist’s perspective speaking about his own painting. This presentation will be followed by a Q&A session open to questions from the audience.

Francis Hines. Hoboken Autobody, XLV, 1983, 48 x 64 inches, hard point pastel and acrylic on paper mounted on board, signed upper left

Joachim Probst. Quarry Hill, Vermont, 1950, brush & ink with diamond dust, 8.5x11 inches, signed verso

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