Edgewater Gallery
Designing A Composition: Artbar Workshop with artist Jane Davies 
April 2 @ 1:00pm and at 2:00pm - Your Choice of Sessions!

Boston Design Center, Suite 206

1 Design Center Place

Boston, MA 02210


RSVP: http://evite.me/2H3sNeFFyX

Unleash your creative side through the process of design through art making. Abstract painter, Jane Davies, will guide you through the process of creating artful pieces that focus on the fundamental visual elements: color, line, shape, and composition. These are the building blocks for any visual creative practice and act as the foremost source of Jane’s inspiration. Layering these principles her work benefits from a thinking-as-making process and is filled with an energetic spirit, ready to engage with a wealth of design aesthetics.


 An “artbar” will be set up in the gallery with portable non-messy supplies for anyone to join in. “Dry” painting will be the primary method of forming your designs. No buckets of water or tubes of paint necessary. Learn how to make expressive images wherever you are – on a plane, in a café, on the beach, in a cabin, or at your kitchen table. Designers, artists, architects, and lay people who are curious about the elements of design and art making, can work their visual muscles in new ways through this interactive event. Choose one of the two sessions and join us at either 1:00pm or 2:00pm for an exciting hour of interactive design!

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