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The Eliot School of Fine & Applied Art:
Artist’s Talk: Gender-Fluid Fashion & Design

Melissa Thyden & Britteny Monty 

March 26 @ 6:30pm - 8:30m                                                  

Eliot Schoolhouse, Art Room, 24 Eliot St., Jamaica Plain, 02130



Gender-fluid style is undergoing a culture shift and the sector is finally being recognized and celebrated. The concepts of what is been normal and appropriate to wear has long been a global debate in various contemporary cultures and societies over the centuries. At times, there have been significant collective shifts. Current trends show that gender-fluid fashion is here to stay. Breaking barriers and designing clothing that is inclusive of all genders, where skirts are no longer only women wearable, are just some of the fashion design concepts that are evolving. Still, there is a lot to question, such as mass-produced fashion, embracing gender-fluid sizing and patterns, and all of the industry’s various components that still must synchronize. 


Please join us for a conversation that will be inspiring and informational of such values. Learn about various codes that must be de-codified to facilitate the understanding of new tendencies. Learn and share with us new vocabularies and discuss the future of gender-fluid fashion. Should the body wear the clothes or should clothes wear the body? Join the conversation and find out how professional designers are dealing with clothing codes, presenting creative tools to bend the norms and inspiring generations to be themselves.  

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