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F.H. Perry Builder

5 Cedar Street #160, Hopkinton, MA  01748


Over 40 years, FH Perry Builder has built and remodeled hundreds of custom homes in and around Boston and, as a result, has touched the lives of thousands of people. They are big on time-honored things like craftsmanship, elegance, taste and aesthetics. Sometimes that means blending new with old. Sometimes it means paying special attention to a persnickety modern detail. No matter what, they never lose sight of who you are and why you hired them in the first place. You don’t settle for “good enough” and neither do they.Through client partnerships, FH Perry Builder seeks to understand whatever it is you’re hoping to create: something elegant, tasteful, fun, useful, remarkable. A home so wonderful that you’ll never want to leave it. FH Perry Builder will work with you to identify and evaluate all aspects of your project – paying special attention to unique feature requirements, complexities, or idiosyncrasies. 


When the project gets underway, you will have a dedicated project manager – a resourceful, experienced, I-wish-this-person-could-stay-around-forever professional who works exclusively on your project, at your job site from open to close, with you, from start to finish. This PM and the whole of the FHPB team will remain continually “out in front” as the work progresses, responding to changing circumstances with agility, forward-thinking and intelligence. That’s how they ensure that both schedule and workmanship – and you – remain uncompromised.


Everyone on the FH Perry Builder Team is proud to have left a positive mark on the city they love, one that will last and be enjoyed long after any of us is done swinging a hammer.

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