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Yorgos Efthymiadis


Astrid Reischwitz


Eleonora Ronconi


Hugo Teixeira


Iaritza Menjivar

Fort Point Arts Community (FPAC)

Portfolio Presentation + Talk with the Artists of Reconstructed

May 5 from 7:00PM to 8:15PM




Sponsored by F.H. Perry Builder

In conjunction with Boston Design Week, please join us for a virtual portfolio presentation with the artists of Reconstructed! The virtual event will be held on Zoom and will be filled with deep discussion, a meet and greet with the artists, and a Q+A session. 

Reconstructed is a collection of work by 5 photographers: Astrid Reischwitz, Eleonora Ronconi, Hugo Teixeira, Iaritza Menjivar, and Yorgos Efthymiadis, the curator of this show. The exhibition explores immigrant narratives through memory, identity, and home. 

Efthymiadis: “As an artist, I am drawn to work that explores these ideas of origins and home. I feel inspired to share the work of four photographers (along with my latest body of work) who approach this deeply personal subject from different vantage points.”  


Reischwitz’s composite images from “Spin Club Tapestry” combine the present & past through embroidery. The stitches, although incomplete & fragmented like the artist’s memories, seam together the two different timelines, resulting in the creation of a new identity.   


Ronconi revisits her origins in the touching series “Serás mis ojos”, in which she restores the fading memories of her aunt, an Alzheimer’s patient. Through these masterful studies of ambient light, the artist embarks on a self-therapeutic journey of rediscovery.   


Teixeira’s multi-panel installations from “Dog Days on the Chaparral” fabricate a personal geography that bridges together disparate and impossible landscapes. The artist’s presence is felt simultaneously in both homelands, rendering his particular & complicated sense of self while mirroring every immigrant’s experience.   


Menjivar’s project “First Generation” finds remarkable & moving contrasts within the daily life of her family. Portraying the split between two cultures in the same household, the ones who migrated & the ones born here, her photographs encounter & reconcile the generational gap between the two halves.  

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