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Alderman Arts

Opening Reception: "Scenic Wallpapers Best Seen by Walking" from Epic Dufour Travels, to Garden Bathing in Hamlen Chinoiseries 

April 27 @ 3:00pm - 5:00pm

The Atrium at the Brickyard, Cambridge MA

90 Sherman Street

Cambridge, MA 02140


Call Alderman Arts studio for an appointment to meet Holly Alderman at the exhibition to discuss your scenic design vision: 617-733-5493.


RSVP for the opening:

WELCOME TO AURAS AT THE ATRIUM. Discover Boston's unique storyteller scenic Hamlen gardens wallpaper, exhibited here for the first time.

Enter the idealized world of "auspicious" chinoiserie gardens, abundant well loved flower varieties with an aviary, or pageant of pairs, golden pheasants, laughing ducks, upside-down green parrots, snowy egrets, blue magpies, catbirds, and dragonflies and butterflies all together in harmony for centuries.


Around the corner find extremely rare, renewed Dufour wallpapers of epic voyages where each viewer may be the hero who returns from afar. All renewed over a decade of museum quality fine art digital imaging, to inspire new audiences.

Art critic Walter Benjamin contemplated art "auras" two ways-- "the phenomenon of a distance, however close it may be," and "the uniqueness of art and place." The Atrium at the Brickyard offers ideal tall space for extra-large scenic auras, best seen by walking to experience instant variations from viewpoints near and far. The sky backgrounds and scenic foregrounds presents three-dimensional magical motion effects.

While walking we can imagine and join conversations that began in palatial salons wrapped in these styles of gardens and grand tours two centuries ago.


For spring garden bathing surprises, this exhibit presents ten new floral colorways composed with scans of Hamlen antique silks layered with contemporary texture or juxtapositions, printed on fine art canvas and white-framed especially for this exhibit, next to six full size replicas (54x96 inches), renewed with Wallquest, one of the most respected, innovative and historic manufacturer of papers and fabrics in the US and the world, with distribution and custom delivery to over 50 countries.

Walk along idealized flowers and birds as auspicious symbols in pageantry of garden bathing, abundant in traditional heartfelt ideals of loyalty, happiness and prosperity, peace, wisdom, serenity and more living arts. Watch pheasants promenade, blue magpies contemplate butterflies, green parrots cavort above great snowy egrets and many more.

Then join Dufour epic Mediterranean voyages to busy ports, gather at fountain and obelisk, explore classical monuments, faraway smoking volcano, dancing by the sea and more true and iconic pre-industrial spectacles. Compare mind’s eye Naples at Winterthur, HistoryCambridge, Moffat-Ladd House.  



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