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The Institute of Classical Architecture and Art, New England

Introduction to Architectural Proportion with Rachel Fletcher

April 30, from 12:00AM to 3:00PM

LOCATION: Boston Society for Architecture BSA/AIA 290 Congress Street Boston, MA 02210




This course provides a fundamental introduction to architectural proportion, with an emphasis on the art of geometric proportion. Students will learn design techniques, practice drawing, and study the congruous proportions of famous architects in the classical tradition such as Andrea Palladio and Thomas Jefferson.  


Rachel Fletcher is the author of Infinite Measure: Learning to Design in Geometric Harmony with Art, Architecture, and Nature. She was the creator/curator of the museum exhibits “Infinite Measure,” “Design by Nature,” and “Harmony by Design: The Golden Mean” and the author of the latter’s exhibit catalog.


Her work as a theatrical designer led to her deeper study into the principles of geometric proportion as a design system, resulting in an International Center for Jefferson Studies Fellowship Award to study geometric proportions in Thomas Jefferson’s architecture, as well as a post for ten years as contributing editor to the Nexus Network Journal of Architecture and Mathematics. Fletcher is a faculty member of the New York School of Interior Design and teaches for the Institute of Classical Art and Architecture. A resident of Great Barrington, MA, she is the founding director of the town’s Housatonic River Walk. 


The Institute of Classical Architecture & Art (ICAA) is a nonprofit membership organization committed to promoting and preserving the practice, understanding, and appreciation of classical design. The Institute is headquartered in New York City with regional chapters across the United States. It offers a wide array of programs that are designed to promote the appreciation and practice of classical and traditional design, including classes, travel, lectures, and conferences. It publishes an academic journal called the Classicist as well as the acclaimed book series called the Classical America Series in Art and Architecture

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