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Searching, 7x5” mixed media on linen.jpg

Searching, mixed media on linen, 7" x 5"

Time Keeper, 7x5” mixed media on linen.jpg

Time Keeper, mixed media on linen, 7" x 5"

Joyce Pommer

By appointment and online



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Joyce Pommer is a mixed media artist located in NYC. Her works begin with an intuitive process and are comprised of acrylic paint, handmade papers, fabrics & other interesting textural materials on canvas. The pieces make people feel good & instill positive emotions and harmony, along with a curiosity. Joyce’s work frees the mind and spirit; inspired by the early Abstract Expressionists she seeks the emotion and spirit of the painting by way of the unconscious and spiritual.


Joyce Pommer has exhibited widely in solo, group shows and art fairs and her paintings are included in numerous private collections. Her larger earlier more colorful works on canvas were in a solo exhibition at Southwest Minnesota State University Art Museum in Marshall, MN in the summer of 2008 and her work was purchased for their collection.

Connections are important - intrigue and challenge connect odd materials or colors one might not previously think would “go together”. Surprisingly the materials will become unified and live harmoniously within the space once given the chance. An isolated quiet space is reflected in some works as the white spaces become restful & contemplative giving the viewer time to contemplate. Textural qualities and color are always an inspiration therefore the use of diverse materials. The end image may be abstract but the feeling is solidified and the works become conversational.

Her work is included in the Textile Study Group of New York’s publication The Language of Making and Art Folio 2020; the Blink catalog 2021 by ADC Fine Art.

Whispers, 7x5” mixed media on linen.jpg

Whispers, mixed media on linen, 7" x 5"

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