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Artist: Jackie Goebel

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Artist: Ollie Deschenes

Massachusetts College of Art & Design

Climate Change Illustration Exhibit

Student Life Gallery, Kennedy building, 2nd Floor, Massachusetts College of Art & Design,  621 Huntington Ave, Boston, MA 02115

May 1 through May 9, 9:00AM - 5:00PM

FREE  - No RSVP Needed 

This semester all 100 MassArt Sophomore Illustration students participate in a climate change illustration assignment and exhibition. As a way to focus on the positive ways society is currently addressing the topic of climate change, the students chose from the list of sources that explore ways that businesses and organizations are taking action to reverse the damages done by climate change. Below is a list of some of the sources the students will choose to illustrate:

● Remote monitoring technology that can assist the honey bee population
● How regenerative agriculture can help reverse climate change
● Ways that airlines are working towards becoming carbon neutral
● How plants extract toxins from soils through phytoremediation
● The next generation of green buildings in Boston
● Former South Coast coal plant transformed into an offshore wind farm
● Mayor Wu makes three bus lines free in pursuit of climate justice
● How wind energy could power the Earth . . . 18 times over
● Strategies to remove carbon from the atmosphere and store it safely
● How cycling infrastructure reduces greenhouse gas emissions and improves health

Artist: Julia Rose

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