Join the MassArt Master of Design Innovation program as we review our findings from an examination of "What is the future of Social Media?" explored during our spring 2021 Bootcamp. The MDES Class of 2021 and 2022 will then host a discussion on Zoom with industry leaders.  

MassArt Design Innovation students come together annually for an intensive three-day Bootcamp. This year, we look at Social Media's impact, which has altered our public discourse in society, national and international. It sets trends and agendas in topics ranging from entertainment to the environment and politics to technology. Most are for-profit corporations with little to no societal obligation other than to their stockholders.

The MassArt Master of Design Innovation (MDES) prepares future leaders to confront complex challenges, combining empathy in context while also developing creative insights and solutions. The program is a full-time, two-year interdisciplinary curriculum intended for students who wish to lead the design and planning of new products, services, environments, systems, and organizations. The program philosophy connects deep expertise in the practices of design strategy and of business into an integrated, broad-based curriculum. We use real-world market and social challenges as the context for every class and every project.