Tuesday May 4

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ASID Presents a Conversation with Today's Design Leaders

Online Recording Now Available Here


Join ASID New England for an interactive conversation with today’s design leaders. We’ll feature leaders from throughout New England, representing multiple areas of the interior design community, including design, construction, publishing, and industry partners. In a fast-paced Q&A format, our leaders will address a variety of questions, from design philosophies to trends, and from client partnerships to the evolving interior design industry. And, you’ll have the opportunity to submit YOUR design questions.     Read more...

Sponsored by F.H. Perry Builder

A Conversation with Today's Design Leaders


The Future of Fenway

Presented by WS Development

WS Development is partnering with Fenway Sports Group Real Estate (FSGRE) and ’47 Brand to redevelop several sites surrounding Fenway Park and knit together the urban fabric in this part of the Fenway neighborhood.  Join Yanni Tsipis, Senior Vice President of  Development at WS Development, for a virtual conversation about how the partnership came to be and the vision and philosophy behind the evolution of this part of the Fenway neighborhood.   Read more...

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The Future of Fenway
by WS Development

12:00 Noon                 View Original Video on the Next Page

Complementary Colour Masterclass

Presented by The Rug Company and Farrow & Ball

Join The Rug Company CEO James Seuss and Farrow & Ball brand ambassador Patrick O’Donnell for a Complementary Colour masterclass on how to source pairings within your home interiors.

The session will explore ways of creating an effortlessly cohesive scheme using Farrow & Ball’s richly pigmented paint and The Complementary Collection, a unique collection of handloom rugs from the two British craftsmen. The collaboration draws on Farrow & Ball’s unrivaled colour expertise to create skillfully-crafted rugs in 12 beautiful colourways - each one perfectly complementing the Farrow & Ball palette.  Read more...

Rug Company_fab_bay_blue_r_landscape web
Complementary Colour Masterclass

1:00pm - 2:30pm

Designing With Light

Presented by Currey & Company

Lighting serves a dual purpose in design: function and aesthetics. In this highly visual CEU, you’ll learn the three technical functions of lighting – Vision, Safety and Utility – and how to incorporate them into inspiring home and hospitality designs. This “enlightening” session will walk you room by room with advice and examples on how to effectively incorporate ambient, task and accent lighting to create beautiful and functional spaces!  Read more...

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Designing With Light


ESSENTIAL: A Panel Discussion about Public Health,

Public Space, and the Design of Boston’s Big Parks

Presented by the Boston Society of Landscape Architects

Now, more than ever, parks are essential infrastructure. Supporting physical and mental health, enhancing human and ecological resilience, offering places to protest and spaces to heal, parks have played vital roles during this past pandemic year – and will in the years to come. Rather fortuitously, Boston is currently renovating its three largest open spaces: Boston Common, Franklin Park, and Moakley Park. Join the landscape architects and public health experts designing these projects in a discussion about the past, present, and future of open space in Boston and beyond.  Read more...

Boston's Big Parks


Online Recording Now Available Here


Landscapes Made for a Living World

Presented by Kyle Hoepner

As we become more and more aware of the impact human activities can have on our world’s environment, landscape professionals have been increasingly inspired to create beautiful designs that also coexist well with their surrounding ecosystems. One result has been a growing use of native species in landscape design, plus gardens specifically made to attract and sustain birds, pollinating insects, and other local wildlife. In this panel, some of the Northeast’s most prominent professionals will examine the current state of the art and where they see things headed. Panelists include (clockwise from upper left) Matthew Cunningham, Kathryn Herman, Margie Ruddick and Keith LeBlanc.  Read more...

Landscapes Made for a Living World


Remodeling Trends in 2021…The Evolving Family

Presented by Feinmann, Inc.

We are spending more time than ever in our homes which is leading to new ways of remodeling – from creating spaces that improve family connection, to designing bathroom retreats where you can indulge and relax, to finding ways to bring the outdoors in. Join Feinmann, Inc. – Designers | Builders to explore these trends and more in our webinar focused on remodeling for the evolving family.   Read more...

Feinmann glazer_10__-__kitchen___dining_
Remodeling Trends in 2021



Greenery in the Scenery

Presented by IFDA New England


In the finale to our virtual spring series, April Showers Bring May Flowers, join IFDA New England for a dynamic discussion among (l to r) artistic florist Jennifer Figge, seasoned photographer Greg Premru, and expert stylist Karin Lidbeck as they dive into the art of staging interiors with all things green. Panelists will explore the poignant impact of fresh material when photographing interiors - from trends happening now, forecasting the next wave, as well was the tried-and-true classics that will never steer you wrong. ​Read more...

Professtional Focus with margins.jpeg
Greenery in the Scenery