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Masary Studios

Art School Confidential Ep.7

At MASARY Studios, 

15 Channel Center St, Boston, MA 02210 Unit 105

May 5 @7:00PM - 10:00PM





Art School Confidential(ASC) is an event series at MASARY Studios in Boston that is hosted for intentional art critique and discussion. Each episode of ASC includes 5 regional artists and designers presenting creative projects and artworks. Guests are invited to take in the pieces and participate in a group critique throughout the event. The event is reminiscent of the art school setting, designed to make a safe space for peer review and critical thinking. 

ASC is derived from art school critique, a conversational environment which can be extremely beneficial to artists and surprisingly difficult to find within the art community. Five regional artists are curated by MASARY to show work at each episode and following their showing, the room(you) is invited to participate in a group critique on their artworks.

Artists and designers from a variety of mediums & practices are included - such as installation art, dance, painting, performance art, VFX, sculpture, live music, photography and more. Each episode is a distinctive arrangement of both artists and guests cultivating a safe and sincere environment to discuss each-others work and make new connections with one another.

About MASARY Studios:

MASAR is a transdisciplinary artist collective reconsidering environments through site-specific installations using sound, light, interactivity, and performance. Based in Boston, the studio's practice includes live percussion performance, electronic music and production, facade projection-mapped video, artistic research, technology and materials fabrication, and the expansive use of animation. The studio is artist- owned and managed and was founded in 2015.

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