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Kevin Cradock

Katie Rosenfeld

New England Home 

Future-proofing Home:

A Holistic Collaboration on a Boston Victorian

At Kevin Cradock Builders, 1476 River St, Boston, MA 02136



Go behind the scenes with the architect, interior designer, and builder of an in-progress home renovation and learn how this comprehensive collaboration will revitalize the house for its next century. What lessons can be applied to projects throughout New England? Residential design industry experts discuss how technology and methodology serve us today and into the future.  Moderator: Jenna Talbott, Editor in Chief, New England Home;  Panelists: J.B. Clancy, Partner, ART Architects; Kevin Cradock, Founder and President, Kevin Cradock Builders; and Katie Rosenfeld, Principal, Katie Rosenfeld & Co.

Starring: The Sunflower— a 148-year-old stick-style Victorian

in Jamaica Plain 

JB Clancy

Jenna Talbott

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