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NoBox Studio

No Name Office 3.0

at 1234 Chestnut St., #112 (Cupixel Office),

Newton, MA 02461

May 3 from 5:00PM to 7:00PM




What does an office designer do when all offices are closed indefinitely? During Nov 2020 East Coast offices and workplaces were vacant, no plans were made to reopen them. It was at that point I decided to reframe COVID as the perfect workplace experiment if ever there was one. Reframing the challenge created movement in thoughts, and a jolt of creativity. My role as a designer in this world has forever changed.

Karin Sharav-Zallkind, founding principal and creative director of NoBox Studio, is an Israeli born designer, with extensive global design experience in the fields of commercial and residential interior design, lighting design & graphics.

Karin’s true passion lies in creating meaningful spaces that promote creative company cultures. Karin believes that safe spaces are key for human wellbeing, which are at the core for any thriving environment. She does it by integration of all design forms, language with which she creates spaces people love to work and live in.

Karin has deep knowledge, and understanding of creating experiential interiors. As lead designer, Karin closely works with companies to manifest their identities. Amongst of the most notable ones, Glassdoor's #3 Best Places to Work in the USA, Cloudlock - Now part of Cisco, and Boston's #3 Independent Luxury Brokerage firm, Bushari Luxury Real Estate Group Now a part of Compass Real Estate. Karin has also curated and executed 2 MassArt Architecture Alumni Shows. In 2017 Boston Magazine hailed her talk "The No Name Office™”  during Design week Boston as one of the “six can’t miss events”.

Karin is the creator of The No Name Office™, a virtual think space of all things workplace and human interaction.


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