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April 29, May 4 and May 7


A special series of three panel discussions focused on homes, landscapes, and cities made for the future. Organized and moderated by design journalist and consultant Kyle Hoepner.

1. Lasting Lessons 2020 Taught Us About Our Living Spaces
Thursday, April 29, at 6:00 p.m.

In today's live-work environment, how can a home best serve the diverse daily needs of its residents? Prominent interior designers share what they've discovered. Learn more...


2. Landscapes Made for a Living World
Tuesday, May 4, at 4:00 p.m.

Four of the Northeast's top professionals discuss the creation of landscapes that enhance their surrounding ecosystems and nurture local wildlife. Learn more...


3. Designing the Boston People Will Love in 2121
Friday, May 7, at 4:00 p.m.

As Boston's downtown and neighborhoods continue their rapid development, are we building in the public places and amenities that will keep our city vibrant? Learn more...

Eyes Forward - Special Series
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Ongoing Throughout Boston Design Week

The Mural Project

Museum of Fine Arts

465 Huntington Ave, Boston, MA 02115


Exhibition is free and outdoors to view indefinitely

Details at https://www.mfa.org/exhibition/the-mural-project


As artists-in-residence at the MFA, muralist Rob “Problak” Gibbs and illustrator Rob Stull are leading a multipart project inspired by the exhibition “Writing the Future: Basquiat and the Hip-Hop Generation.” Highlighting intergenerational connections and the importance of youth participation in cultivating hip-hop culture, the project includes a community mural, a series of original drawings, a publication and map of street art around Boston, and a documentary video.

Ongoing Throughout Boston Design Week


South Asian Art


Peabody Essex Museum

161 Essex St, Salem, MA 01970


Exhibition is open with reservation through October 1, 2022

Details at https://www.pem.org/visit


The new Prashant H. Fadia Foundation and Deshpande Foundation Gallery features a selection of objects from PEM's extensive collection of historical material from India. Focused primarily on the 19th century, the gallery considers India's long and complex history of foreign occupation, and its troubling impact on the representation of Indian people in art. Featuring some of the earliest objects to come to PEM, including unfired clay sculpture, mica paintings and kalighat paintings, the gallery considers and questions the timeless tropes of India that persist even today.

Ongoing Throughout Boston Design Week


Mel Kendrick: Seeing Things in Things


Addison Gallery of American Art

180 Main St, Andover, MA 01810


Exhibition is free and open indefinitely

Details at https://addison.andover.edu/


Organized in cooperation with the Parrish Art Museum, this exhibition assembles a full range of works that reflect Kendrick’s provocative, ongoing investigations into the fundamentals and possibilities of sculpture. Active since the 1970s, Kendrick (b. 1949) has produced a large, varied body of work that has inventively pushed the boundaries of sculpture.

The Mural Project
South Asian Art
Mel Kendrick Seeing Things in Things

Ongoing Throughout Boston Design Week


i'm yours, Encounters with Art in Our Times

(Online Exhibition)

Institute of Contemporary Art


Exhibition is free online

Attend at http://annualreport.icaboston.org/im-yours/


In this time of uncertainty, change, and heightened inequity, we ask: What is the role of art and museums? i’m yours: Encounters with Art in Our Times, which borrows its title from a Henry Taylor painting in the ICA’s collection, underscores our belief that without you—our visitors—the museum is incomplete. Collaboratively and virtually organized in the midst of the global COVID-19 pandemic, the exhibition offers a non-linear presentation of artworks in an unfinished architectural environment to emphasize that the stories museums tell through art are never fixed but always in process.

i'm yours

Ongoing Throughout Boston Design Week


(Anti)SUFFRAGE (Online Exhibition)

Boston Athenaeum 



Exhibition is free online

Attend at https://www.bostonathenaeum.org/exhibitions/antisuffrage


(Anti)SUFFRAGE presents thirteen rare books, broadsides, paintings, photographs, and other items from the Boston Athenӕum’s special collections that look at how the suffrage movement contributed to redesigning women’s roles and responsibilities in society from varied perspectives as they vied for equality.


Ongoing Throughout Boston Design Week


Balancing Cultures



The Griffin Museum of Photography

67 Shore Rd, Winchester, MA 01890


Exhibition open by reservation through May 23, 2021

Attend at https://griffinmuseum.org/


Initially an identity project, Balancing Cultures gives voice to a story suffered in silence by photographer, designer, and writer Jerry Takigawa’s immigrant grandparents and American-born parents. “My mother’s passing left my brother and me with boxes of photographs. Among them were photos of family members taken in camp that we had never seen. Piecing together a historical puzzle of photographs, memories, and artifacts, I began an exploration into my family’s undisclosed past. This project is a testimony to the shame and indignation my family kept hidden due to their cultural stoicism and fear of retribution. Left untold, their experience would remain buried, a casualty of the country they loved and fought for. Balancing Cultures is especially relevant as long as America continues to incarcerate people—not for crimes they’ve committed, but simply because of whom they are.”

Balancing Cultures
© Jerry Takigawa from Balancing Cultures, "EO 9066, 206"