Sarah Von Dreele

Dwayne Bergmann

Parenting in a Pandemic

October 7 - 1:00pm - 2:00pm               

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Presented by Andrew Joseph PR, NY

COVID-19 has not only upended many of our lives professionally, but has posed many new and unforeseen challenges to our lives at home - particularly where children are involved. With much more time with our families - and in such close quarters - the stressors of the national and political climate are compounded by the very real desire to provide a sense of security to our loved ones. Wallpaper designer, branding professional, and artist Sarah Von Dreele and award-winning interior designer Dwayne Bergmann speak with designer and business owner Brett Helsham on a topic relevant to many of us with young children: Parenting Through a Pandemic. These three industry leaders and parents discuss the role of creativity has played in coping with the COVID-19 pandemic, and how lessons learned from their design businesses helped foster a sense of encouragement and security for their children during quarantine - as well as a few pointers for managing a home while remaining a working professional during times of uncertainty.

Brett Helsham

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