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Stephan Clambaneva

Design can add a great deal of value, but only when it is led and managed well. For over 20 years, PARK has been transforming organizations by increasing the impact of design through effective leadership & efficient management and creating centers of excellence. Their work has helped increase revenue, decrease costs, increase brand awareness and brand loyalty, deliver faster times to market, increase innovation power and intellectual properties, and accelerate company cultural transformation. PARK has been instrumental in guiding design & development Managers, Directors, CEOs and VPs of leading global companies such as Nestle, Sony, Unilever, LEGO, Bang & Olufsen, BMW, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), Novo Nordisk, Kimberly Clark, KIA/Hyundai, and many others by helping to deliver more value to their customers, consumers & colleagues alike. Good Design is Good business, and PARK will share some of the ways design has been instrumental in driving business performance across the triple (profit, planet & people) bottom line.


As Managing Director of PARK USA, Jay Peters works with Fortune-500 companies, (non)governmental organizations and academic institutions on using design and design led innovation practices to develop and deliver on the many facets of design value and is an authority on Design for Business. Jay is an active educator in Design Management & Leadership for working professionals amongst world leading brands, and is an active speaker and presenter at design and design related conferences across the globe.


Stephan Clambaneva, Sr. Consultant & Director of Strategic Partnerships USA and Board of Directors for IDSA who has decades of experience working for global enterprises IBM and Dassault Systemes, and leads business transformation projects through design & innovation for clients around the world. A Curator, Developer and EmCee for the Inaugural Sustainability Deep Dive Conference for IDSA, a speaker at SxSW, Design Management Institute, the International Design Conference, Innovation Summit & more, he is an evangelist and expert on the strategic value of design while balancing the triple bottom line.