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Boston Preservation Alliance:
The Christian Science Plaza:

Revitalizing a Mid-Century Landmark for its Next Half Century
May 1 @ 10:00am - Meet at 9:45am at the Christian Science Publishing House Lobby, 210

Sponsored by the Boston Preservation Alliance, together with Alliance Corporate Members IBI Placemaking and Nitsch Engineering with generous support from The First Church of Christ, Scientist



The Christian Science Plaza, a beloved mid-century Boston Landmark has restored its original luster through a comprehensive stewardship Restoration and Repair project, now nearing completion. But how does one adapt an iconic yet challenging Brutalist landscape to meet modern day needs and concerns, as well as an evolved urban context?


Design team members from IBI Placemaking (formerly the landscape architecture firm Carol R. Johnson Associates Inc) and their civil engineering subconsultant Nitsch Engineering will present key strategies used to make the plaza more welcoming and more sustainable, primary objectives of The First Church of Christ, Scientist. The team made subtle but effective changes at the edges, to make them more porous and inviting while respecting the plaza’s mid-century character. The presentation will feature some of the more significant measures taken, both above and below the surface, and identify the challenges encountered and pitfalls avoided in order to implement those changes. Those key team members will then lead a guided tour through the plaza’s two large open spaces: The Forecourt along Massachusetts Avenue, and The Great Room including the Reflecting Pool, identifying where changes were made, and where careful restoration of the character-defining features were carried out.


Tour Description:

The Tour will guide people into the plaza’s two large open spaces: The Forecourt along Massachusetts Avenue, and The Great Room including the Reflecting Pool. In addition, the tour will take people below ground to see the pump room, where new and upgraded infrastructure for the Reflecting Pool and Groundwater Injection Wells is located, identifying how sustainable changes here will carry operations into the next 50 years.


John Amodeo, Principal-in Charge, IBI Placemaking

James Kros, Project Manager, IBI Placemaking

Nicole Homes, Project Civil Engineer, Nitsch Engineering Inc.

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