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School of Fashion Design Boston

31 St. James Ave, 2nd fl., Boston MA 02116

51 South Street, Hingham MA 02043



The School of Fashion Design was established in 1934 and is the only educational institution in New England dedicated exclusively to the applied study of apparel design and construction. The School of Fashion Design is committed to excellence in educating students in the complete fashion design process, from creation and innovation to comprehensive technical expertise, so that they are prepared to become leaders in the fashion design industry. 


The School of Fashion Design is a fully licensed studio school offering a two-year course of study in fashion design. Fashion Design is a learned skill, and our curriculum begins at Level I. Full-time students generally take five courses each semester for two years. Part-time study is also available both days and evenings. Students completing the full program receive a Certificate in Fashion Design from SFD. 

Our expert faculty brings professional industry experience to our studio classrooms, providing students with a unique hands-on environment to prepare for their fashion careers in the industry or as an entrepreneur. We also offer a pre-college program for high school students in the Greater Boston area who are interested in exploring the fashion industry.

The School of Fashion Design is a proud participant in Boston Design Week.


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