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April 24 - 2:00 PM - 400 PM

Modernizing Historic Homes Without Losing Their Charm  

Presented by S + H Construction

Boston Design Center, Room 332. 1 Design Center Pl, Boston, MA 02210


Moderated by Bruce Irving, Boston real estate agent, former producer of This Old House, author of New England Icons, a book about the region's built environment, and co-host of the “Builder’s Notebook” podcast, this esteemed panel including Sarah Lawson, S+H Construction; Frank Shirley, Frank Shirley Architects, Michael Ferzoco, Eleven Interiors; and Nigel Costolloe, Catchlight Painting, will dive into the art of how to modernize a historic home, while still maintaining its charm. 

New England architecture is deeply rooted in history. More than most other places, homes reflect a wide range of former periods,from stately Victorians, to traditional colonials, to beautiful brownstones and more. However, the style in which we live has changed and evolved, and the owners of these homes are wanting to update the spaces to better suit their lifestyles. So, how do you update without losing the former charm?


The panelists will share their sage advice on modern living in historic settings through an engaging discussion, whether it’s simple changes like refinishing and updating, or major reconfiguration of a floor plan or addition.

Sarah Lawson

Frank Shirley

Michael Ferzoco

Nigel Costolloe

Bruce Irving

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