Human-Centric Lighting; Illumination For Your Circadian Rhythm

April 1 @ 12:00pm - 2:00pm

Boston Design Center, 1st Floor Promenade, 19 Drydock #130W 

One Design Center Place, Boston, MA 02210



Fall asleep and wake up with your natural rhythm with the help of Ketra’s human-centric lighting. From light bulbs that change color temperature throughout the day to automated shading and control systems that are programmed to keep you in a healthy routine, Ketra and Lutron can help you feel your best. Come experience how these technologies can enhance your environment and refine your space.


Join us at the Structure Design Gallery as ALA Certified Lighting Consultant and award-winning designer Susan Arnold guides you through the dynamic features of Ketra’s tunable white and RGBW color control systems and how they can improve your wellbeing. Learn about, feel, and see the difference that natural light management can make.


The event will consist of a presentation and Q&A, and refreshments will be provided. Stay tuned for a surprise giveaway! Space is limited, RSVP strongly encouraged.


Explore human-centric lighting and other intuitive design features at

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