April 1-5 as part of Boston Design Week 2020


We are honored to announce that Boston has been selected to host the World Design Weeks Forum, April 1-5 as part of BDW 2020.  Under the theme "Global Design Innovation", we are inviting representatives from our sister Design Weeks in the World Design Weeks organization (www.WorldDesignWeeks.org), other design weeks

and design festivals across the globe, and individuals who would like to attend the complete Forum with our international colleagues.   

Forum presentations will be open to the public as part of Boston Design Week.


The Forum will help us lay the groundwork for increasing international participation in BDW in the future. Boston has a long history of welcoming international visitors and adopting international design ideas through its universities, museums and commerce. Likewise, Boston businesses and thought leaders have long exported cutting-edge design to the rest of the world. Today Boston is a world-class city, and our ultimate goal is to make it known internationally as a leader in the design fields.


The PDF below is a more complete description of the Forum, its activities, programming and goals.  You can download and print the PDF for distribution to colleagues.

Thanks to The Colonnade Boston for being our OfficIal Hotel for both Forum attendees and any visitor to Boston for Boston Design Week.  


For further information, please feel free to contact:

Tony Fusco, Co-Producer, 617-363-0405, info@fuscofour.com Thank you!

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