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Boston Design Week Special Event

World Design Weeks Forum

April 2 @ 1:00pm - 7:30pm

Series of Presentations Open to the Public

At the Boston Design Center, Fourth Floor Seminar Room

One Design Center Place, Boston, MA 02210


Registration: $15, your choice of any or all sessions


1:00 - Welcome and Introductions

Tony Fusco, Co-Producer, Boston Design Week


Designing Our Cities:


1:15 - Reimagining Boston through Public Art 

Karin Goodfellow, Director of Public Art, City of Boston

Maureen Anderson, Senior Project Manager, Public Facilities Department


The City of Boston is investing millions of dollars in public art and creative projects, through the Mayor’s Office of Arts and Culture, and notably with a new Percent-for-Art fund. Gain insight into Boston’s vision and collaborative strategies for art and architecture that reflect the diversity and cultural values of the City and its people.



2:00 - The Challenge of Creating Public Open Spaces in Mumbai   

Architect Rinka D’Monte of Atelier ARBO, Mumbai, India


In a city like Mumbai, the financial center and most populated city in India, where 22 million residents live in a density of 73,000 people per square mile, it is critical to make the best use of any open space. A new government, well-educated locals, architects and urban planners are working towards that goal.  Come and discover the challenges and design processes that are changing the face of public open spaces in Mumbai which present possible solutions

for any city. 

Design and Impact of Design Festivals:


2:30 - Introduction to World Design Weeks

Ingrid van der Wacht, International & Public Affairs, Dutch Design, Foundation, and Chair, Membership Committee World Design Weeks


These times ask for the creativity and engagement of all, and design festivals are the perfect settings for people to meet, discuss, co-create, design, prototype, experiment, and explore how the world can go around better. The various festivals in the World Design Weeks network are all different, but share a love of design. International   collaboration is key to the global challenges we all face.


3:00 - Building a Design Movement on a Hashtag  

Evan Snow, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Art Fort Lauderdale


#Choose954 began as a social movement to promote the importance of the arts and culture, in a place that used to be called a "cultural wasteland". Four years later, through diligent work, we have created a better place to live, not just a better place to vacation. This has resulted in the creation of Art Fort Lauderdale - "The Art Fair On The Water", Fort Lauderdale Art and Design Week, Zero Empty Spaces, and other pivotal platforms elevating the arts & culture.



3:30 - Uncovering the True Value of Design                   

Lisa Carnevale, Co-Founder and Executive Director of DESIGNxRI


Working to help the Rhode Island design sector to thrive, DESIGNxRI’s unique approach activates, amplifies and invests in design.  What is the true value of design today?  Is it just part of a transactional economy or can we shift our thinking to see design as a strategic asset?  Our goal is to make Design Week a platform to engage, experience, understand, and shape the world's opinion on design - and ensure we are helping to move the value of design in the right direction.



4:00 - Turning Alphabet Soup into Meaningful Collaborations

Dawn Taylor, Executive Director of Center Director of Center for Architecture & Design and AIA, Kansas City, Missouri


Design professional groups have a lot in common: all are searching for visibility, relevancy, new projects, networking, and the opportunity to serve their communities.  Kansas City’s Center for Architecture & Design spearheads a successful, cross-disciplinary Design Week with seven like-minded design organizations like ASLA, AIGA, AIA, IIDA, and others. Blending agendas, cultures, and bandwidths, these collaborations can elevate the value of design in our community.  


4:30 - Creative Evaluation: Co-designing Meaningful Measures

Leon, Cruikshank, Professor of Design and Creative Exchange, Lancaster University, UK , and Director of Research for ImaginationLancaster


Effective, robust and cost-effective evaluation of public events is challenging. This is made even more so with a move to understand the experiences of participants rather than simply measuring foot traffic. Collaborating closely with both the World Design Weeks organization

and the Victoria and Albert Museum this talk presents a new suite of freely available creative evaluation tools from very small groups to evaluating the experience of the over 300,000 people that attend Dutch Design Week.  



5:30-7:30 - Panel: What is the role of the Designer in a Changing World?

Moderator:  Theodore C. Landsmark, Board Member, Boston Development and Planning Agency and Director, Dukakis Center for Urban and Regional Policy at Northeastern University


How is the role of the designer changing in a changing world? How can designers balance the often contradictory interests of profit and planet?  Is functionality, attractiveness and novelty enough, or must design today serve some other purpose? Is design today still driven by innovation applied to a range of challenges?  Join in the discussion!