Week One 9/30 - 10/3

Wednesday September 30


11am - 5pm  


Boston Design Center: "DESIGN MARKET" - Day One


Kicking off Boston Design Week, Boston Design Center’s 'Design Market' features impressive keynotes, showroom events, and more...all online! Watch also for Boston Design Center’s new App. Here are some of the programs for September 30th:


11am: Corey Damen Jenkins & Young Huh discuss how they are responding to design changes their clients are requesting in response to WFH and making their homes aesthetic work for them. They will be in conversation with Jenna Talbott, Editor in Chief at New England Home. Click here to register.


1pm: Michael S. Smith discusses his Hartmann & Forbes collection launch with Mayer Rus of Architectural Digest. Click here to register.


More details to be announced. Visit: www.bostondesign.com

Missed it? 15 Recorded Showroom Events and Keynote Presentations are now viewable online by clicking here.
Boston Design Center

Noon - 1pm


Transforming a Legacy Brand for the Digital Age

GBH: Beyond Broadcast


How do you take an iconic brand, with a storied history as a national broadcast pioneer and modernize it to signal continued leadership in today’s media landscape? In this time of streaming technologies, multiplying platforms, and new content sources, WGBH, now GBH, has revitalized its brand to reflect its ambitions to go far beyond traditional broadcasting. GBH Exec. Arts Editor Jared Bowen hosts a discussion with GBH CMO, Tina Cassidy; Mark Minelli, President of Minelli, Inc. and others about transforming this iconic institution’s identity..  Read more...

Transforming a Legacy Brand 

3pm - 4pm


Creating a Social Media Aesthetic for Your Brand


Looking to elevate your design business on social media? Boston-based social media agency Metter Media is here to get your business on phones and feeds. Metter Media's Creative Team will show you how to create a unique social media aesthetic that matches your brand personality. Then Metter's Account Manager who works exclusively in the design industry will share tips to create your own thumb stopping content. Bring your social media questions for the Q&A!  Read more...

Creating a Social Media Aesthetic

Thursday October 1


Podcast Episode Available                                      LISTEN ANYTIME

Freelance Design Revolution 


Freelance design was booming before COVID-19 — with the rise of the gig economy designers could run their own studios and connect with clients on a per project basis. As the economy emerged from the last recession, companies were wary of hiring full-time designers, so they turned to the freelance and contract designer economy. We predict a similar situation will arise out of our current, pandemic-based recession. So on this episode we chat with super-freelancer Trish Fontanilla and a special guest on how to be a successful freelance designer during uncertain times.

Sponsored by F.H. Perry Builder  Read more....

Freelance Design Revolution

11am - 5pm  


Boston Design Center: "DESIGN MARKET" - Day Two


Boston Design Center’s 'Design Market' continues, featuring impressive keynotes, showroom events, and more...all online! Watch also for Boston Design Center’s new App. Here are some of the programs for October 1st:


11am: Keita Turner discusses “The Importance of Education” with Nina Farmer. Click here to register.


2:30pm: Alexa Hampton discusses her love of design and her recent collaboration with Circa Lighting. Click here to register.


More details to be announced. Visit: www.bostondesign.com

Missed it? 15 Recorded Showroom Events and Keynote Presentations are now viewable online by clicking here.
BDC Design Market Invite 2020.jpg
Boston Design Center

Noon - 1pm

Decolonizing Design


Join Maryline Damour, founder of the acclaimed Kingston Design Connection Showhouse and co-principal of design-build firm Damour Drake, as she joins Marcy Garcia, Vani Sayeed and Ana Claudia Schultz for an in-depth look at how these women of color navigate an often exclusive industry. Drawing on their combined experience, these thought leaders evaluate the effects of racism on design and design business, and offer insight into ways that we can decolonize the structures that have long excluded BIPOC voices. Read more....

Maryline Damour 2.jpeg
Decolonizing Design


Art At Home

Presented by Childs Gallery

Incorporating fine artwork into living spaces is often a collaborative process involving designers, galleries, and artists working together to create areas that seamlessly integrate beauty, functionality and display. From consultations to commissions, Art at Home will discuss the interconnectedness of interior design and fine art through a panel discussion between an award-winning Boston interior designer, Childs Gallery gallerists, and New England area contemporary artists. Read more....

Childs Gallery

4pm - 5pm

Inside and Out:

Making the Most out of Your Indoor and Outdoor Space


As people are spending more time in their homes, they are making more informed decisions about what they want their homes to be. Moving into the fall and holiday season, it’s important to consider safety and different comfort thresholds when gathering family/friends during the pandemic. This virtual panel discussion as part of Boston Design Week will focus on the lighter parts of being home such as taking advantage of your recreation spaces and embracing family time. Read more....

Inside and Out Main Image Small.jpg
Inside and Out

Friday October 2


View The Video Anytime

Bringing Art To Life

Please join Melinda Marquardt, Founder, and Designer of The Vale, London, as she takes us on a journey illustrating how her original art becomes textiles and wallpapers. Through her hand drawings and watercolors, Melinda will share her techniques and inspiration behind her two recent collections. From pen and pencil to shellac ink and watercolors in the Dutch Masters' style, Melinda is always creating timeless patterns to adorn the home. View the Video and Read more....

Melinda Marquardt Small.jpg
Bringing Art To Life

View The Video Anytime

Let's Stick Together: 60 Years of Collage in America

Discover this diverse group of 22 distinguished artists with works from the late 1950s to 2020 Exclusively at Robert Berry Gallery. These unique works are driven by a range of styles, from Abstract Expressionism to Figurative Expressionism, Pop, Surrealism, Outsider, and recent developments in Contemporary expression. Curated by Peter Hastings Falk Editor and Chief Curator of Discoveries in American Art.   View the Video and Read more....

 Paul Forte, Map of Chaos 2013, paper (s
Let's Stick Together

Friday October 2 & Saturday October 3


7:30 - 9pm Both Evenings

Projecting Our Stories, Projecting Our Future

Presented by the Design Studio for Social Intervention

Projecting Our Future highlights the critical role artists play in radically re-imagining everyday life, especially in this moment.  Projected high onto the side of the Strand Theatre, Projecting Our Future will be akin to turning the Strand inside out—with beautiful art and performance viewable to all. Even while our lives are challenged by the current social emergencies, Projecting Our Future will be a testament to our collective vision and strength.

 For details and more information, click here.

Projecting Our Stories, Projecting Our Future

Friday Oct. 2 Through Friday Oct. 9 


Wide Variety of Events

DESIGN WEEK RI - 7th Annual!

Presented by DESIGNxRI    

Rhode Island is a hotbed of design activity. While our talent is local, our impact is global. Celebrate design with friends near and far in this week of virtual and live talks, experiences, investigations and more. DESIGN WEEK RI is a highly curated event, bringing together the best in your ideas. The year 2020 will go down in history as one of the most change-filled, impactful times in our society, worldwide. The 7th Annual DESIGN WEEK RI embraces this, and bring design celebrations, showcases and solution-oriented programming that energizes and inspires us. For details and more information, click here.

Design Week RI