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Abby Suckle FAIA, President cultureNOW


Peter Kuttner FAIA, Principal of

Cambridge Seven Architects 

Franziska Amacher 2.jpg

Franziska Amacher FAIA, 
Principal Amacher Associates

Brown Jordan  presents cultureNOW

Defining and Redefining The City’s Edge:  Boston 1650 / 2050

April 28, from 1:00PM to 2:00PM

LOCATION: Brown Jordan Showroom, 21 Drydock Avenue #110E Boston, MA 02210



By 2050 it is predicted that the sea level around Boston will rise about 16”.  Planners and architects are busily proposing a multitude of solutions to protect the vanishing edge.  Boston has a long history of landmaking, expanding ever outward the city’s edge.  Join panelists Abby Suckle, FAIA, founder of cultureNOW; Peter Kuttner, FAIA, Principal of Cambridge Seven Architects, and  Franziska Amacher, FAIA, Principal Amacher Associates,  for a provocative look at how quickly the city’s edge is changing, and discuss the implications for our built environment over the next decades. 

 All Bostonians of a certain age will tell you about the Where's Boston Exhibition in 1975. Created by Cambridge Seven for the Bicentennial, it was a multimedia show that played continually in a red white and blue tent in the Prudential Center Plaza until a blizzard dumped 28" of snow on the city in 1978 and the tent fell down. It took a snapshot of the City at that moment in time.  That was half a century ago. What does it look like today?  And what will it look like in the future?   


Inspired by Where’s Boston, we will put together a Powerpoint presentation highlighting the city’s edge showing the places, people, stories and events that shaped the city, followed by a discussion.  



  • Abby Suckle FAIA, President cultureNOW

  • Peter Kuttner FAIA, Principal of Cambridge Seven Architects 

  • Franziska Amacher FAIA, Principal Amacher Associates   


About Brown Jordan:

Since 1945, Brown Jordan has designed luxury furnishings that defined and transformed an industry. Established by Robert Brown and Hubert Jordan in Pasadena, California, Brown Jordan is recognized as a distinguished legacy brand. Over the past 75 years, Brown Jordan has offered best-in-class products for refined, relaxed and luxurious outdoor living in residential and commercial spaces. Today, Brown Jordan strives to honor our heritage while working with renowned designers to offer beautiful, elevated furnishings with iconic designs and world-class quality that will stand the test of time

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