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Online Recording Now Available Here

Sustainable Design:

From the Classroom to the World

Presented by the MIT Morningside Academy for Design

Sustainable Design, From the Classroom to the World presents three dialogues, focused on how design addresses different dimensions of sustainability. These range from the design of solar-powered vehicles, to the definition of analytical and sensing mechanisms to improve thermal performance, to the elaboration of energy-efficient systems to cook. The event will show how sustainable design solutions are possible for every scale and context, and how these solutions can transition from academic experimentation research to real-world implementation.  

Online Recording Now Available Here

Craft Schools: Boston Nexus

Presented by Eliot School of Fine & Applied Arts

Boston is admired as a nexus of craft. A network of craft schools holds this rich history, supports its current dynamism, and pioneers its future possibilities. These sites of knowledge transfer have long been places that embody educational idealism, and where art, craft, home, and industry converge. Join MFA curator Michelle Millar Fisher as she moderates a conversation with leaders of Boston craft schools.  

Online Recording Now Available Here

Meet Miguel Rosales, Bridge Architect and Designer

Interviewed by noted photographer Peter Vanderwarker

The Zakim Bridge has become one of the Boston skyline's most iconic design elements, now meet the man behind the design -- Boston's own Miguel Rosales, with over 30 years of experience as a leading bridge architect and designer for major infrastructure projects in the U.S. and abroad. Rosales also recently completed the restoration of the historic Longfellow Bridge, with its stunning blue lighting.  He will be interviewed by Peter Vanderwarker, nationally known for his architectural photography, and whose photos are in museum collections.    

zakim_3 web.jpg
Meet Miguel Rosales, Architect

Online Recording Now Available Here

Tomorrow’s Designers, Designing Today

Presented by the MIT Morningside Academy for Design

Tomorrow’s Designers, Designing Today will present innovative areas of design action, by showcasing some of the key topics explored by MIT MAD’s fellows during the academic year 2022-2023. The event will be a celebration of the capacity of design to deeply improve and transform our relation to the world, through works that seek how we can create better, more sustainable, and more inclusive buildings, public spaces, communities and digital systems. 

MIT Morningside 2023

Online Recording Now Available Here                                                                            


Building Equitable and Inclusive Places

Presented by Congress for the New Urbanism, New England


Join us in a virtual Panel Discussion featuring CNU New England’s 2020 Urbanist Award Winners:  Union Studio, Utile Inc, Goody Clancy, Lifecare Design Inc, and Principle Group. This year’s awards were judged on their ability to create places that are inclusive, inviting and equitable for the diverse populations of our region. The discussion moderated by Francis Goyes Flor of MassHousing will focus on the vision, process and creative efforts needed to make these places living and thriving realities.   

Building Equitable and Inclusive Places

Online Recording Now Available Here


Landscapes Made for a Living World

Presented by Kyle Hoepner

As we become more and more aware of the impact human activities can have on our world’s environment, landscape professionals have been increasingly inspired to create beautiful designs that also coexist well with their surrounding ecosystems. One result has been a growing use of native species in landscape design, plus gardens specifically made to attract and sustain birds, pollinating insects, and other local wildlife. In this panel, some of the Northeast’s most prominent professionals will examine the current state of the art and where they see things headed. Panelists include (clockwise from upper left) Matthew Cunningham, Kathryn Herman, Margie Ruddick and Keith LeBlanc.   

Landscapes Made for a Living World

Online Recording Now Available Here                                

"Inside & Out" with Christopher Spitzmiller & Clinton Smith

Presented by New England Home


Join noted ceramicist, tastemaker and author Christopher Spitzmiller and New England Home Editor at Large Clinton Smith for a lively chat on the art of living well, both indoors and out!  Christopher’s new book, A Year at Clove Brook Farm is both a visual delight, as well as a road map to great gardening, al fresco entertaining, interior and exterior decorating, and more. Join them as they discuss timely (and timeless!) farm-to-table ideas and inspiration—just in time for summer!    

"Inside & Out" with Christopher Spitzmiller

Online Recording Available Here

Next Generation Design Tools:
360 Imaging, VR, and Video Game Tech

Presented by TSP Smart Spaces 


Just as CAD and 3D rendering tools are becoming ubiquitous in architecture and design, new waves of technologies are crashing on our shores with increasing frequency. In this 60-minute virtual session and demo, the technology professionals at TSP Smart Spaces will show you how they use some of the most recent developments in 360 imaging, VR, and video gaming to revolutionize the design process and the client experience. 

TSP bdw_promo_image.jpg
Next Generation Design Tools

Online Recording Now Available Here

Designing the Boston People Will Love in 2121

Presented by Kyle Hoepner

The fabric of our city has been changing rapidly over the past two decades, with the evolution of the Seaport and extensive residential and commercial development in other areas as well. But—how carefully are the long-term effects of these initiatives being thought about? Consider the aspects of Boston's urban experience that today entice new residents, draw tourists from all over the world, and better the lives of diverse communities. Are we really making the places, neighborhoods, and amenities that will keep Boston vibrant for the next century?  

Designing the Boston People
Will Love in 2121

Watch the Recording Here

An Interview with Architect Brett Rhode of Rhode Partners


Presented by Massachusetts College of Art and Design

Graduate Architecture Department

Explore both built and in-progress work by nationally-recognized architect Brett Rhode of the award-winning Austin-based firm Rhode Partners.  As the tallest residential tower west of the Mississippi River, Rhode's The Independent prioritizes views of the city and spacious interior configurations. Rhode's experience with designing for cities in the wake of climate change will spark his discussion with the head of MassArt's Graduate Architecture Program, Paul Hajian.    

The Independent, Austin, Texas

Watch the Recording Here

The Collector’s Viewpoint:
A Q&A with Interior Designer Philip Mitchell

Presented by Kyle Hoepner


Celebrated maximalist interior designer Philip Mitchell chats with design journalist Kyle Hoepner about his creative outlook and the methods he employed to shape the stunning projects featured in his new book, Collected Interiors: Rooms That Tell a Story. Philip is especially noted for his gift at fashioning deeply personal spaces that express each client’s authentic self, using elements such as scale, shape, color, texture, material, and finish to weave a harmonious web of interconnections among the disparate elements in each room. Design professionals and anyone who adores warm, colorful, highly textured interiors will want to learn from what Philip has to share.   


Watch the Recording Here


Making the Case: Economic Impact of Design

Presented by Boston Design Week and STIRworld


What is the economic impact of design? What is the size and scale of design industries in your city? How can design and arts festivals and organizations make their case for support through economic impact studies?  Amit Gupta, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of STIRworld, a global digital publication (India), interviews Andrew Graves, Director of Ortus Economic Research (UK) for insights. Join a discussion with members of international design weeks and festivals to share knowledge and resources.   



Andrew Graves and Amit Gupta

Economic Impact of Design
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