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Philip Mitchell


Boston Design Week:

The Collector’s Viewpoint:
A Q&A with Interior Designer Philip Mitchell

Presented by Kyle Hoepner


Celebrated maximalist interior designer Philip Mitchell chats with design journalist Kyle Hoepner about his creative outlook and the methods he employed to shape the stunning projects featured in his new book, Collected Interiors: Rooms That Tell a Story (due out from Rizzoli in October and currently available for pre-order on Philip is especially noted for his gift at fashioning deeply personal spaces that express each client’s authentic self, using elements such as scale, shape, color, texture, material, and finish to weave a harmonious web of interconnections among the disparate elements in each room. Design professionals and anyone who adores warm, colorful, highly textured interiors will want to learn from what Philip has to share.

About the speakers:


Renowned for his passion and energy, designer Philip Mitchell has made a name for himself as a modern maximalist master. His approach is contemporary with a distinctive, casually elegant layered style. With Philip’s almost encyclopedic knowledge of design, architecture, art, textiles, and historical reference, collaborating on projects of any scale becomes an unforgettable journey for clients from all over the world. The client’s personality and own style emerge from the process Philip leads, resulting in warm, inviting, comfortable living spaces—interiors that combine form, function, and balance with a gracefully edited selection of fine furnishings, art, and accessories.


Philip’s work has been widely celebrated online and in magazines, newspapers, and books including Veranda, Architectural Digest, House Beautiful, Galerie, Traditional Home, House & Home, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Toronto’s Globe & Mail. Philip established his eponymous firm in 2002 and now has outposts in New York City, Toronto, and the charming village of Chester, Nova Scotia, on Canada’s eastern coast.


Kyle Hoepner is a much-praised freelance design journalist, speaker, photo stylist, and editorial strategy consultant based in Boston. He has had a distinctly hands-on relationship with the world of publishing and design for more than three decades, including eleven years spent as editor-in-chief of New England Home, a luxury shelter title covering the northeastern corner of the U.S. More recently, Kyle has taken on projects for a variety of publications and other clients, including Architectural Digest, Boston Design Week, the Raiz Project (a collective of Brazilian furniture designers), and an array of architecture and interior design studios around the U.S. 


Kyle Hoepner

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