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Sarad Sigdel

May 2 - 12:30 PM - 2;30 PM

Innovation Through Tradition:

The NEW Hand Knotted Rug Experience

Presented by First Rugs, SoWa Art & Design Center

500 Harrison Ave,#107, Boston, MA 02118 


Presented by a NEW chapter of Interior Design Society (IDS) in New England  and First Rugs in SOWA. Enjoy a colorful, textural and informative immersion in the newest inclusions and design techniques in contemporary, inventive, hand knotted rugs from one of our country's premier producers Sarad Sigdel, President of Rug Imports, with looms in India and Nepal. First Rugs is the exclusive custom rug outlet for Rug Imports in Boston.


Sarad has over 25 years of experience in hand knotted rugs, carpets, design, and rug production. Sarad will explore new design concepts, colorways, and design through innovating technology and along the way touching on how sustainability and ease of care can make for a comfortable living experience for the end user. Whether you're a seasoned design professional or just starting out, this presentation is designed to equip you with solid knowledge needed to rock your client’s world with cutting edge hand knotted rugs. 

We are also excited to be hosting the Interior Design Society New England at this event, come and find out more about this organization and how to become involved! Light Refreshments will be served.


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