Sunday May 2

Today's Featured Events:

2:00pm - 4:00pm


Gallery Wall Design

Presented by Jameson & Thompson Picture Framers

We’ll share tips for designing, framing, and installing a great gallery (“salon style”) wall for any space, large or small. Our team of experienced frame designers will walk you through the options we recommend when assembling a wall or frames. With even a small group of pieces, you can create a fun, energetic design that’s sure to make an impression.  Read more... 

Gallery Wall Design


In Conversation with BIPOC Creatives Creating Art & Change

Presented by Art New England


Join Art New England as it celebrates four New England artists.  The panel, moderated by writer Jennifer Mancuso and art director Lori Pedrick, will explore the artists’ work, celebrate Black expression, and redefine representation.  The group, including recent ANE cover artists Sharif Muhammad and Ryan Adams along with emerging artists Destiny Palmer and Asata Radcliffe, will discuss celebrating Black joy, exposing police violence, and reclaiming lost art forms. “The terrains these artists explore are brutal and beautiful, joyful and unjust,” says Jennifer Mancuso.  “By weaving old traditions with new technology, they are adding their imprint to the legacies of those who have come before them.”   

In Conversation with BIPOC Creatives
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4:00pm - 5:30pm 

Scout’s Tips & Tricks to Building Your Portfolio

Presented by SCOUT


Join Scout May 2nd for a portfolio info & review session by Scout to get tips and tricks on making and perfecting your portfolio. Get feedback from Scout members and alumni to better prepare yourself for the design world. Regardless of whether you’re graduating college, a high school student or straight out of high school, Scout will help you develop the tools you need to navigate creating your own portfolio.  Read More...

Scout interventions_bdw_2_-_alex_melagra
Tips & Tricks to Building Your Portfolio